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              My name is Ata and I am a NASM certified personal trainer. I am soon to be graduating from UWM in the spring of 2020. Fitness, and educating people about fitness, is my passion.

              I first got into fitness back in 2016 and have been in love with it since. I worked at a commercial gym as a personal coach for a short stint, but recently quit after realizing how the industry is focused on the prices instead of actually helping people with their fitness goals.

              I’ve done hundreds of fitness orientation with the members, listened to any and every possible barrier that got in their way to reach their fitness goals, and found solutions to solve all these issues through programming. However, once the members saw the super inflated prices of working with a coach at the gym, most of them shied away from coming to the gym entirely.

              This is why I created my website: to educate people about fitness and make sure they achieve their fitness goal.


"Constant texting with Ata about gym motivated me to go to the gym and stay on track with my nutrition even on the days i did not feel like it"

Taylor E

Only got to work with Ashley for a little less than a month since i decided to leave but she managed to go from 310 to under 300 in that time span we were together

Ashley W

Ata Erdogan

This is my own 2 year transformation. I actually weigh the same in the 2 pictures shown.
Lost fat and added muscle





This is a 20 page long E-book that explains and educates the science behind fat oxidation and how to keep it off after losing it. 

Perfect for people that has all the motivation to lose fat but does not know how and where exactly to start.


Monthly personalized online coaching plan that comes with

  • Free Fitness Orientation to Identify your goal

  • Weekly workout plan fully customized for your specific fitness goal

  • Constant communication through texting to keep you accountable and answer any fitness related questions you have in a fast fashion.

  • Daily Motivational texts for extra accountability

  • Weekly Meal Plan Tracking for your dietary preferences

  • 30min Video Call Weekly Check-in (optional)

Please book your first appointment to discuss communication and scheduling AFTER reading the attached document that comes upon purchase.


Not sure what exactly you want to achieve in the gym? Or have a basic idea and but unsure how to reach your goal?


Book a phone call with me and I will help you identify any barriers that got in the way in the past and how to solve them, answer any fitness related questions and help you identify your goal in a crystal clear fashion. 

You want to look toned for summer? Well we have to build some muscle underneath first of all. Customized workout and diet plan program to work around injuries, time issues or any other thing that may come up to maximize muscular hypertrophy.



I will get back to any question and concerns in less than 24 hours

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a registered dietitian, you should consult your doctor before beginning any diet and/or exercise regime. The contents on this website should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem.